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Don’t believe those LIES about Green Coffee beans


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An extracted form of coffee beans – Green Coffee Beans – has become promising and a major addition to the range of products. In addition to this, this is a product that works well for controlling blood pressure and weight loss. There are many proofs that state the effectiveness of coffee beans. However, with these come the lies and myths. There are certain things that we must be aware of before starting to use coffee beans. After all, we really don’t want to take any of the health risks.

Trending Lies and Myths about Green Coffee Beans

Don't believe the LIES about Green Coffee beans

Coffee beans are surrounded by several buzzes that they has managed to become one of those pills that stays under the limelight. It is said to be the magic cure for various problems. It’s being approximately a decade that green tea has taken the place of health products. However, now is the time to see how much green beans can be effective. There are many proofs to show that it is actually safe.

Weight Loss and Green Bean

 Don't believe the LIES about Green Coffee beans

Green beans were extracted as the supplement has concentrated chlorogenic acid in it in a higher amount. It also has a number of properties that allow us to have health benefits. One such benefit is weight loss. However, many people believe that it is not actually true. It is said to be a myth.

There are many studies that show that it is just the biased results that come by scientific fact. Another than this, anecdotal evidence is said to be the factor that determines such information. Hence, people believe that the company or firm is simply stating such facts to ensure a sale.

The raw beans of coffee actually are high when it comes to chlorogenic acid. Apart from this, just like any other coffee, it contains caffeine but there are different types of beans as well in the market such as decaffeinated. In 2011, there was a study done that shows the statics of weight loss. It is believed that it might not be false after all.

The chlorogenic acid or GCE is actually a great weight loss remedy that can be used by anybody shape and type. The researcher worked hard to ensure that the data provided is correct by retracing all the factors. Later in 2007, one more report came out that shows no contradiction to the previous report. Both the reports shows that green beans can work effectively for weight loss and helps in absorption rate of glucose.

Blood Pressure and Green Coffee Bean

Blood Pressure and Green coffee Bean

As believed, that blood pressure or hypertension is another factor that can be cured with green beans. Similar to weight loss, there were many predictions made by others stating that this might not be the case. Hence, these predictions claimed that green beans can’t be used as blood pressure remedy. This makes scientist and researchers curious. They end up doing their own research to see the results.

As stated above, the two studies also show its benefit for blood pressure reduction. It is one of the best supplement that can be used for blood pressure problems. During the experiment, people were provided with chlorogenic acid of 140 mg for 12 weeks. This shows an immense change in the reduction of hypertension of mild level. On top of that, there was no side effect to observe that can put it on hold.

Then after that, the doses of 93 mg or around 185 mg was given to patients. They show a similar result with a reduction of diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Hence, it was stated that green beans show positive results but they must be taken in proper doses. If one consumes a higher amount of dose then there will be an immense decrease in blood pressure. Apart from this, consuming other nutrients was also stated to be important.

Don’t believe those LIES about Green Coffee beans

Green coffee is an organic product prepared ​​from unroasted coffee beans. As it is slightly stimulating, it is supposed to have a lot of positive effects on our body.Many people believe that Green Coffee contains caffeine and excessive consumption might prove harmful to our body. Well, these lies are not to be believed. The truth is that caffeine, supplemented with another active ingredient chlorogenic acid, increases the rate of metabolism which facilitates fat burning and weight loss. So before you drink green coffee for weight loss, you should know how to drink green coffee for better results. Boil 10g of overnight soaked green coffee beans in 150ml of hot water and let it cool. Strain the beverage and consume it with honey, sugar or cardamom to taste.

Safety and Side Effects

As per the reports and above analyses, it was observed that there are no unhealthy, toxic or unsafe results of using green coffee beans. However, 1 out of 100 people might show some sort of side effect which is not even unsafe. It is possible that results are biased so we can’t be sure about the actual outcome. There are no reports yet that shows the total consumption rate or any sort of negative effects. Apart from this, it is not established yet that the quantity must be limited for green beans.


So, at the end of your hectic day, there is nothing wrong to consume a cup of brewing green bean coffee and enjoy the weather. Also, keep adding healthy fruits and vegetable to your diet for much more effective results. It will only help in managing your weight and blood pressure. To be on a safer side, you can consult with your doctor before you start such a remedy. Just be happy and safe.

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