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Studies Says “Green Coffee Is More Hydrating than Water” Here’s How?

Green coffee is the newest internet sensation in the world of weight loss treatment. Dr. Oz was the first one who quoted the advantages of green coffee on his show.

Green Coffee is Hydrating than Water

People consuming green coffee often come up with questions like “can it be dehydrating too”? Well, adequate and proper knowledge on how to drink green coffee reveals that green coffee is hydrating than water. Let us know how. Taking a few cups of green coffee each day does not cause dehydration. Moderate consumption keeps you hydrated as would water do but over-consuming will result in dehydration as green coffee is diuretic in nature which helps in removing surplus water from the body. Green coffee can do wonders in weight loss that too without any changes in the diet plan and any new added exercises.

Green coffee beans

Even after listening to the health benefits of Green Coffee, people think that it is dehydrating. A lot of people say that increases consumption of green coffee may lead to dehydration of the body.

Is it really true? Or is it just a myth prevailing in the mind of people? Let’s find out.

The everyday roasted coffee consists of caffeine, sugar, and milk in a few cases. Caffeine is a mild diuretic. Sugar is also one of the ingredients that result in dehydration.

And this is the reason why people say that coffee can be slightly dehydrating. But if we talk about ‘green coffee’, it must be noted that it is way more hydrating than regular coffee as both are pretty different.

Difference Between Green Coffee and Regular Coffee

Difference Between Green Coffee and Regular Coffee

Green coffee is prepared by the raw unroasted seeds of the coffee cherry. And as the name suggests, it is green in color.

The regular coffee beans are initially green in color, but once they are roasted, they turn brown and hence their color is different from that of green coffee.

It is prepared with water, sugar along with milk. On the other hand, only water and raw coffee powder are needed to make green coffee.

Green Coffee and Regular Coffee

The roasting results in the loss of chlorogenic acid, the main ingredient which helps in weight loss. Another main component, caffeine, is present in both of them.

The presence of caffeine can be the main reason for the misunderstanding that green coffee dehydrates the body. As said earlier, Caffeine is a mild diuretic. But does that mean it’ll lead to dehydration? To understand how caffeine affects the body, we need to understand what is a diuretic.

What is the Meaning of Diuretic?

“A diuretic is any substance that promotes diuresis, that is, the increased production of urine.”

Coffee technically is a diuretic, but it will dehydrate you just about the same amount as the water that would’ve done if it was consumed with sugar and milk.

So we can say that being diuretic is just a feature of green coffee. Since green coffee is only coupled with water, it doesn’t dehydrate you as much as regular coffee as other dehydrating components, i.e., Sugar and Milk are missing.


Presence of caffeine in green coffee is not a problem. Researchers from Birmingham University have stated that the diuretic effect of caffeine in green coffee is balanced by the amount of water. As a result, it doesn’t lead to dehydration.

The food standards agency recommends drinking six to eight glasses of water every day. This quantity of water can be replaced with any other fluid, including green coffee, green tea or orange juice. All of them will hydrate your body just like water does.

This claim is backed up by a lot of studies. Many studies have been done conducted to verify how coffee leads to dehydration or hydration in the body. Below are few of them which will help you in deciding whether green coffee leads to dehydration or not.

A study was done back in 1928, where the researchers selected some people who were not regular caffeine consumers. They found out that participants who abstained from caffeine for over two months did have a substantial fluid loss after being given caffeine.

But within four to five days of regular caffeine use, their body developed a tolerance against it. This study proved that if people consume green coffee with regularity, their body will develop tolerance to the effect quickly.

Diuretic green coffee

Another study was done in 1990. A Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology carried out this experiment. A person after consuming 7.5mg/kg dose of caffeine was made to walk on a treadmill with 22 kgs of weight on his back. Another person was made to walk after drinking the same amount of water and the same weight.

The study found that there was no significant difference in water loss or sweat rate in both the persons. This test proved that as far as the dehydration is concerned, coffee and water are similar in nature.

Another study was conducted in 2015 in the UK to see the fluid loss caused by 13 different drinks, including green coffee.

coffee and water

The data gained from this test was used to create a beverage hydration index which showed that all the tested drinks hydrate nearly as well as plain water. Green coffee proved to be more hydrating than water for certain participants.

After looking at the studies discussed above, one can surely say that green coffee dehydrating the body is clearly a myth. In fact, in some instances, it can prove more hydrating than water.

If you want to add anything in the above information, do let us know in the comments section below.

How to drink Green Coffee The Right Way?

Soak the green coffee beans overnight, boil those in 150ml water the next day, let it cool and then after straining the beverage, take 2-3 cups of that each day.

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