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Is Green Coffee beans the Perfect Food for Weight Loss?

Green Coffee Beans: Best Supplement for Weight Loss

One of the reasons for the supplement made from pure green coffee bean extract has become very popular because it is due to their weight loss properties. Coffee beans that are not roasted contain high amounts of chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant that is known to increase the metabolism and control the release of glucose found in the food we consume. Green coffee is perfect food for weight loss and helps you to get in ideal shape easily. Consequently, calories burn faster and the risk of accumulating glucose, which can lead to high blood sugar levels, are eliminated. Green coffee bean extract weight loss capsule are also available with us.

In the past few years, green coffee bean has gained a lot of popularity for its magical effects for weight loss. It has been termed as the miracle weight loss pill by the famous Dr. Oz on his very own show.

According to him and a lot of other experts, green coffee beans can do wonders for the human body, that too, without the need of changing diet plan and adding extra exercises in your daily schedule.

To complete this deal, no proven side effects of green coffee are discovered till now. This has been stated by a lot of experts. Dr. Lindsey Duncan, a reputed naturopath, and certified nutritionist, when appeared on Dr. Oz Show, said that he was amazed by the effects of green coffee beans, he usually doesn’t recommend any supplement for weight loss but green coffee has left him thinking, and he’s excited to learn more about it.

But a lot of people have argued that green coffee does have side effects and can be disastrous for the body. Is it true? Well, the presence of caffeine is the main reason, why people are concluding that green coffee has side effects.

Caffeine has both negative and positive effects on the health which depends on how and in what amount you are consuming it. So, it is a little bit confusing if green coffee is a perfect superfood for weight loss or not. To make this easy for you, given below is everything that you need to know about green coffee.

All About Green Coffee Beans

All about green coffee

Green coffee bean is nothing but a healthier version of our daily coffee. The seeds of coffee are of light green color initially. These raw, unroasted seeds of coffee cherry are known as green coffee.

These coffee beans are roasted at 475 degrees Fahrenheit which results in the change of Bean’s chemical structure, color, aroma, taste, and concentration of nutrient. The seeds become dark brown in color, and we get our daily black or brown coffee, but, green coffee doesn’t go through this process.

The coffee beans contain an antioxidant compound named as chlorogenic acid, which helps a lot in weight loss. But when the coffee is roasted, the amount of this compound is greatly reduced. And that’s why the unroasted green coffee beans are believed to be more powerful than our normal coffee in weight loss treatment.

Caffeine is present in both the versions of coffee, but the main ingredient with more fame is the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans. This natural fat burner compound is extracted from the unroasted coffee beans to prepare the supplement named as the green coffee bean extract. But how does this compound help in weight loss?

How Chlorogenic Acid Works?

Chlorogenic acid is Mother Nature’s answer for weight loss. It is one of the many peripherals present in the green coffee bean which proves to be an amazing and natural fat burner. It works in different ways by targeting different weight gain elements in the body.

Everything we eat is processed into sugars, and this sugar or glucose is used up by the body in the form of energy. When we’re sitting idle, not doing any physical labor, this sugar gets stored in the form of fat.

Chlorogenic acid directly affects the liver

Chlorogenic acid directly affects the liver which is actually responsible for all the stored fat in the body and inhibits the release of glucose in the bloodstream while boosting the metabolism and fat burning. The increased metabolism helps the body to engage in more physical activities and to burn more fats.

Chlorogenic acid also controls the cortisol levels in the body. Cortisols are the stress hormones which also result in the weight gain. So, chlorogenic acid in a way has a dual effect on our body. First, it blocks fat from being absorbed and second, helps in using it in the form of energy, and together it eliminates weight gain.

Is Green Coffee bean Safe?

Talking about the side effects, green coffee is free of them. As said earlier, there are no proven side effects of green coffee till now. It is very safe, natural and now it can also be noted that the best supplement to use for weight loss. But the presence of caffeine can be a drawback.

Is it safe

A study was also conducted by some experts in National Centre of Biotechnology in January 2012. They selected some people who were facing the problem of weight gain.

They suggested them to take green coffee every day 30 minutes before each meal and asked them to not to make any changes in their daily life.

The participants followed the rule and didn’t change their diet plan or the amount of physical labor. The results of the study were unbelievable.

The participants lost about 10% of their total body weight that is an average of 17 pounds of weight loss and 16% of fat loss and that too in just over a period of 12 weeks.

It was incredible as there were no side effects at all. This study proved that green coffee is the perfect superfood for weight loss. But you should be careful as too much caffeine can cause anxiety, insomnia, and other problems.

If you want to ask anything, add up anything to the above information or want to share your experience with green coffee. Do let us know in the comments section below!


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