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What Happens When You Drink Green Coffee Everyday?

For a significant part of the adult and young adult population, the morning starts with a cup of coffee. The caffeine strikes out the dizziness from the sleep or a tiring day that they had. Now, there’s a healthier counterpart of coffee, which is also its lesser-known cousin.

You would’ve probably heard about ‘Green Coffee Beans’ and their magical effect on body fat. If you’re struggling with losing a few kilos and can’t find the right supplement to a creamy, fat-full morning coffee- Green Coffee is the answer!

Green Coffee

What Are Green Coffee Beans and Why You Should Drink it Everyday?

Green coffee beans are freshly processed unroasted coffee beans. The standard brown coffee beans are roasted at 475 degrees-Fahrenheit; this process causes the coffee beans to become a deeper brown.

The coffee beans also lose 90% of their primary fat-burning and main antioxidant component ‘chlorogenic acid’ in the roasting process.

On the other hand, Green Coffee beans are 100% free of any roasting and these beans, in their purest form, are rapidly becoming a significant breakthrough in the science of natural health and weight loss products.

Dr. Oz first quoted the pros of green coffee bean extract on his show calling it ‘The Miracle Weight Loss Pill’. Dr. Lindsey Duncan, a naturopathist and a certified nutritionist when appeared on the Doctor Oz’s show, cited that he usually doesn’t recommend any supplement but green coffee extract has excited him a lot.

One might still be unsure about the wonders of Green Coffee and ask:

Does it work?

According to a study on Green Coffee Bean extract published in the ‘Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal’, over a period of just 12 weeks the participants lost a noticeable amount of weight and body fat. An arbitrarily picked participant lost an average of 17 pounds over the 12 week period and all with no side effects.

Green Coffee Beans

The result was unexpected and is the main reason why this product caught the eye of the ones who are looking for innovative yet more straightforward techniques in the field of weight loss. The medical and weight loss community can’t stop talking about this miraculous coffee because it has no side effects and the user doesn’t have to make any changes in his or her diet or exercise plan.

Effects of Drinking Green Coffee Every Day: 

This beautiful, warm and delicious beverage has many effects on the user’s body, and what were the odds of them being good!

The green coffee contains 5 times lesser caffeine than the standard coffee made out of brown coffee beans. It has a great deal of nutrition to offer.

Below are the effects of green coffee on the human body:

  • The unique component that makes green coffee bean an excellent weight loss supplement is ‘Chlorogenic Acid’. Chlorogenic acid manages the metabolism and blood to the sugar level in the body. It directly targets the liver which is responsible for controlling the fat in the body.
  • With an increased metabolism level and regulated blood sugar level, the body tends to burn fat efficiently to give the user more energy to engage in activities of movement and other physical work which again helps in weight loss.
  • The body starts burning the excess sugar in the body and prevents it from being stored as layers of fat in the body. The release of the glucose slows down and as a result– the body utilizes the stored fat and burns it into energy which further increases the user’s work efficiency physically.
  • Chlorogenic acid also suppresses the appetite. The lesser the desire to eat, the lesser the user would want to indulge in unnecessary gorging over unhealthy food products. This way a vital aspect of holding one back from the journey of weight loss can be beaten.
  • Caffeine is another vital component which is present in the green coffee. It reaches the brain quickly thus enhancing alertness, concentration and makes you feel fresh and active.
  • Green coffee beans contain zero ‘Cafestol‘; this is the component present in brown coffee beans which causes bad body cholesterol to thrive. This substance gets activated when the brown coffee beans are roasted. So, Green Coffee is the way to go!

How to make green coffee?

Benefits of green coffee over its counterpart- the brown coffee, are many and it is healthier than any other health drink! Green coffee beans can be consumed in two forms- first, as a supplement in the form of tablets or capsules that are readily available in the market and second, in the form of a hot beverage.

Below are the steps to master a steaming cup of Green Coffee:

  1. Green coffee can be prepared either by green coffee beans or green coffee powder. If you have the powdered green coffee, then it’s great, if not then the first step for you is to grind the beans.
  2. Wash the green coffee beans under running water to remove any dust particles and let them dry for some time. Then, crush the beans in a grinder to get the desired powder form, density can be customized accordingly.
  3. Next, add the green coffee bean powder to the boiling water and stir it for at least 10 Now, cease the boiling and leave the mixture for at least 10-15 minutes.
  4. Pour the coffee in a cup by filtering through a sieve to get rid of the dense coffee particles. Your green coffee is ready to drink!
  5. Green coffee has a neutral taste, but it can be flavored by adding honey or cardamon.

It is recommended to consume it on a daily basis to get visible benefits as early as can be. Three cups a day is the ideal intake. It is possible to have it any time in the day but the most beneficial time is to consume it 30 minutes before each meal.

Side effects?

Side Effects

Being a purely organic product, the use of green coffee is said to have no side effects. However, over-consumption of anything may prove harmful. People suffering from obesity should especially drink green coffee everyday for weight loss. Simultaneously, they must also bear in mind how many cups of green coffee is safe and beneficial to drink each day. Although there is no specific guideline on the dosage, it is safe to consume 4-5 cups of green coffee per day.

Green coffee bean weight loss success stories from people around the world have revealed to reap optimal benefits out of consuming green coffee daily. Example of people who have lost weight includes Jenetta B from Sydney Australia, Sally from the United Kingdom, Anne J from the USA, and many more.

Caution: Green coffee has a lot of health benefits and is safe and natural, but you might have to face bad results if it is not consumed in the right way or the right amount.

List of Precautions

Here’s a list of precautions you should follow to reach your desired goal without any disruptions:

  • A green coffee bean contains a minuscule amount of caffeine. As known already that greater ingestion of caffeine may cause insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, frustration, nausea, vomiting and shortness of breath. Although caffeine helps in alertness, its consumption in higher quantity than prescribed can also cause sleeplessness and an increase in heartbeat. Three cups of Green Coffee a day is best for losing weight, more than this recommended amount might cause the problems mentioned above.
  • Consult a doctor first if you’re on any medications or are undergoing any treatment for a chronological disease. If consumed without prescription it can cause chronic stomach ache, headache, sleeplessness or nausea.
  • Always drink green coffee at least 30 minutes before a meal. Most of the people make this mistake; they consume green coffee right after their meals. As green coffee affects the absorption of essential minerals such as iron in the body, drinking coffee just after meals is a bad move.
  • This coffee is not at all recommended for children, pregnant ladies, nursing mothers and people on any kind of long-running medications.

Following the prescribed manner in the intake of green coffee is a sure shot at success! You’d see results you might not have hoped for!

Maintain discipline in your diet, and everything is possible. If you have any queries regarding Green Coffee or want to share your weight loss story, fire up the comment section below! Wishing you the best of luck for your fitness journey!

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