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Does green coffee really help in reducing fat?

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“Weight loss is not impossible. Weight loss is hard, but hard is not the same as impossible.”

Although now, one can say that weight loss isn’t even hard, thanks to green coffee. This supplement first came into notice when famous Dr. Oz quoted green coffee as ‘the miracle weight loss pill’ on his very own show. After that instance, green coffee became an internet sensation.

A lot of studies were also carried out to see whether the buzz about green coffee was genuine or just a hoax.

Why green coffee?

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Since so many supplements are available in the market to lose weight, why shall one specifically go for green coffee?

Green coffee is the healthier cousin of the daily brown coffee. The coffee beans initially are light green. These beans are then roasted at 475 Fahrenheit degrees, and this is how they get deep brown color. Roasting gives the coffee its prominent strong taste, but sadly it also results in the loss of the primary fat burning and antioxidant compound ‘Chlorogenic Acid.’

Does Green Coffee help in Weight loss?

Green coffee is available in raw as well as in powdered supplement form as fat burners. The question is does green coffee help in weight loss? Well, chlorogenic acid, the most active compound in raw coffee beans, helps in reducing the absorption of carbohydrates to a great extent from our digestive tract. Caffeine, on the other hand, increases our metabolism rate and these two compounds combined facilitates in reducing fat from our body and this is how it helps in weight loss. And yes, green coffee for fat reduction proves more beneficial along with a controlled diet and a fitness exercise program.

What is Chlorogenic acid?

Chlorogenic acid is the answer to why green coffee is such a fantastic fat burner supplement. It works by targeting different fat gain reasons. Chlorogenic acid assists the liver in digesting sugars and thus prevents the body from storing fat in the body. It also prevents sugar from entering the bloodstream and enhances metabolism along with the energy level in the body.

Chlorogenic acid also controls the stress hormones known as ‘cortisols’ as stress is also one of the reasons for the weight gain. In short, chlorogenic acid makes all the suitable conditions which result in weight loss.

The same has been proven with the help of various studies.

Result of the studies

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Some experts from the National Center of Biotechnology carried out a study to determine the effects of green coffee on weight loss. They picked up random people who were facing the problem of obesity and suggested them to take green coffee 30 minutes before each meal for a few days. The results were compelling as all the volunteers lost about 10% of their total body weight which calculated to an average of 17 pounds of weight loss and 16% of fat loss. The most surprising fact was all this happened just in 12 weeks, and the participants also didn’t change any of their exercises or diet plans.

This study was just one of the many studies conducted. The internet is flooded with different studies which talk about the enormous weight loss potential of green coffee. And the best part is that they all gave out positive results. Green coffee is indeed an excellent product for weight loss.

Any side effects?

Still doubting about the effects of green coffee? Well, this is understood as every supplement has some or the other side effects on the body. One might think that green coffee can also show some side effects. The studies proved that green coffee is a safe and natural product for weight loss. None of the participants experienced any side effects. Though, there are some precautions that one needs to take.

So take up a step right now, add green coffee in your daily routine to shed the extra pounds. Also if you want to ask anything, do let us know in the comments section below!

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